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Google Search Console Now Measures Website Interactivity with INP

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In a move to provide a more nuanced understanding of user experience, Google has incorporated a new metric called Interaction to Next Paint (INP) into its Search Console’s Core Web Vitals report. This change, effective March 12, 2024, replaces the previously used First Input Delay (FID) metric.

What is INP and Why Does it Matter?

INP measures the time it takes for a web browser to visually reflect a user’s interaction with a website element, such as a button click or a link tap. This provides a more comprehensive picture of website interactivity compared to FID, which only considered the delay before the initial visual response.

Google’s Commitment to User Experience

Launched in 2018, Core Web Vitals is a Google initiative that equips developers with tools to optimize user experience. INP’s introduction reflects Google’s ongoing refinement of its methods for evaluating user interaction and overall web experience.

What Developers Need to Do

With INP now a core metric, website developers should assess their website’s performance and take steps for optimization. Tools like PageSpeed Insights and Chrome’s User Experience Report can be used to evaluate current INP scores. Google recommends aiming for an INP score in the “good” range, representing performance within the top 75th percentile of page loads.

Optimizing for INP might involve addressing issues like long-running JavaScript tasks, excessive activity on the main thread, or complex website structures.

Impact on Web Development and SEO

The adoption of INP has implications for both web development practices and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Websites with strong INP scores are likely to benefit from positive changes in search rankings and user engagement metrics as Google factors Core Web Vitals into its ranking algorithms.

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Development practices might shift towards prioritizing optimization for interaction readiness. This could involve reevaluating application architectures, streamlining code, and refining website design elements to minimize user interaction delays.

The Takeaway

Replacing FID with INP underscores Google’s commitment to a more holistic user experience evaluation. By utilizing Search Console’s INP monitoring capabilities, developers can identify and address potential issues, ultimately leading to faster, more responsive websites that keep users engaged.

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